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D.L. Turner Consultants Inc.
4700 De La Savane, Suite 203
Montréal, Québec, H4P 1T7
Tel.: (514) 992-1961

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Verdun, Montréal, Québec

- 1000 sq.m. structural steel addition to the existing 5000 sq.m. 2 storey building

- Demolition of the existing front entrance and construction of a completely new entrance integrated with the new extension

- Complete renovation of all exterior facades - Addition of decorative precast panels

- Major interior renovations including construction of a new conveyor, new emergency stairs, reconfigured renovated service center

  vestibule and washroom areas.

- Demolition of the existing seismic reinforced masonry walls at the new extension and demolition of the lower section of the masonry

  walls adjacent to the car service center.


Construction Cost: $6 million

Schedule: April to November 2010

Client: Canadian Tire

Architect: Stendel Reich

General contractor: JCB




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