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D.L. Turner Consultants Inc.
4700 De La Savane, Suite 203
Montréal, Québec, H4P 1T7
Tel.: (514) 992-1961

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215 St. Jacques Restoration of the South and East Terracotta Facades and

Complete Reconstruction of the North Facade

Montréal, Québec

- Structural repairs, reinforcement and replacement of the corroded steel building, balcony and Terracotta support columns. beams, channels, angles and plates

- Replacement of moderately to severely damaged Terracotta with pieces shipped from England and stabilization of remaining Terracotta pieces

- North facade removal and replacement of all Terracotta and supporting corroded structural steel lintels


Architect: Minicucci Architecte Inc.

Client: Aquilini Group Properties LP

General Contractor: St-Denis Thomson












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